Why Pathologists choose transcription services

Pathologists perform a vital role in the medical profession. Many people may have a false impression of what they think this job entails – autopsies, chasing around in flashy cars hoping to solve the crime of the century!

The reality is far less glamorous, but just as interesting. Pathology is a form of clinical medicine with three important components:

• Histopathology
• Cytology
• Autopsies


Histopathology is the diagnosis of disease by studying tissue samples (histology). Pathologists will spend a large part of their working day dealing with these samples to obtain a correct diagnosis.

This is where Pathologists require the assistance of transcription services. They inform other doctors what disease their patient is suffering from in a precise written account of their findings.


Cytology is the diagnosis of disease from individual cells. This is much quicker to perform than histology, but has more limited diagnostic abilities. This method is generally used for rapid screening, with the need for further biopsies to obtain a definitive diagnosis.

Again, transcription services are an imperative means of record keeping for the busy Pathologist. They can quickly transfer their findings electronically to their provider and obtain their reports without having to leave the comfort of their office.


Autopsies are performed in two situations: at the request of clinicians and at the request of the Coroner, if a death is suspicious or the cause cannot be determined. In both instances Pathologists often require the assistance of transcription services. Pathologists are often required to attend a Coroner’s inquest and their reports offer vital evidence in distressing circumstances.

Those who specialise in autopsies are Forensic Pathologists and they often work with the Police and courts.

Many experienced Pathologists branch into research and teaching. This is where transcription services lend a helping hand as well.

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