Podcasts, digital recordings of an episodic series, are a great way to capture your audience’s attention

Podcasts combined with transcripts deliver better results, particularly when they are launched on a website.  Even though we all enjoy visual stimulation and listening to accompanying audio, it’s always helpful to be able to refer to the written word.  Not to mention an added boost in your SEO (search engine optimisation).

Adding Value:

When you invest the time and resources to create appealing content in the form of a podcast, why waste the added value they can bring?  There are many ways to increase followers to your series, but a podcast transcript has far-reaching benefits. Don’t waste an opportunity.

You will probably have subscribers to your podcasts, and some may be hard of hearing.  Allow them to watch the content, but also understand what is being said.  If your audience is downloading a series, provide a written version to share appropriately.  The opportunities are endless, but could be particularly useful in training sessions.  Half a day could be spent coaching and inspiring individuals, only to discover the text isn’t available.

Why have disappointed followers? Capturing a wider audience is, after all, what a podcast is aiming to achieve. By allowing a follower to download a transcript of your podcast, you will provide an additional resource.  Research for correct terminology will be carried out, so your audience doesn’t have to.  There is nothing more time consuming than trying to find the correct spelling of a hard to find acronym or an elusive drug that has yet to be launched. Appropriate content enlightens the listener and aids in the learning process.

Capturing a Wider Audience:

Sharing of information is becoming the norm in today’s world.  Digital and electronic content is being processed through the internet, virtually at the speed of light.  Blink, and we miss it.  This doesn’t have to be the case if you combine your podcasts with the written word.  Go that extra mile for your subscribers.  By providing both mediums of visualisation you will enhance their experience.

Plan wisely when developing your podcasts.  Investing in adding the extra detail will benefit not only you, but all those who partake in your episodic series.  Don’t just assume people want to listen to the content, when they would like to read it as well.

Feel free to contact Alphabet to capture your speech and turn it into appropriate written content.