The Perfect Match, Product Development and Transcription Experts

No successful product or brand stays the same forever. Like everything, even the most popular items have a shelf life. That is why good brands ensure their products and services constantly evolve – to meet ever-changing consumer demands. Variations can involve anything from amending ingredients or materials to changing the design or packaging.

At the heart of good product development is secrecy. No business investing in its future can afford to throw away good ideas to competitors. That is why any business or organisation engaged in product development rely on the services of professional transcription experts. Discreet, confidential and secure, Alphabet Transcription Specialists can help turn recorded ideas into written proposals – with no risks.

Secrecy is Everything

Coca-Cola has protected its brand since 1891 by ensuring its recipe is a closely guarded secret. Only a handful of carefully chosen people know the recipe more than 115 years later.

But what about new products, innovations or goods with patents pending? How can businesses protect those? In industries where everyone knows everything, it pays to look outside of the box to safeguard new ideas from being plagiarised by copycats.

On Yer Bike

An Australian manufacturer of lights used on bicycles came a cropper after investing years in the development of a unique new range of products. They were copied by a Chinese manufacturer, which approached the same distributors and even had the audacity to turn up and exhibit at a trade show being attended by the inventors. This catastrophic copycat incident led to legal action.

It is just one example of why product development must be treated with the utmost care. Without forensic execution, documentation can fall into the wrong hands and a brilliant idea lost to a competitor or even crooks. That is why transcription experts are always preferable to in-house transcribers.

Transcription Experts Support Innovation

Because copycats will always be looking to steal other people’s great ideas, some businesses don’t have the incentive to become innovators. Those who do are ensuring there is a reward for their efforts by protecting their ideas at every stage of the development process.

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