Workplace Theft, Building up a Case with Solid Evidence

The breach of trust that occurs when an employee steals from an employer is a matter taken very seriously by courts. It is rare that such offences do not result in a custodial sentence. But getting a matter to court can take painstaking evidence gathering of workplace theft – even before the police are called in.

If you suspect an employee is stealing from your business, how do you prove it? Business owners of all sizes use covert CCTV, recorded disciplinary hearings and other recorded means to gather the evidence. But how can a business properly document the evidence it has gathered, without tipping off the suspect and ending up at an employment tribunal?

Transcription Services and Crime

If you have recorded data that could potentially help police build a case against a light-fingered employee, expert transcribers, such as those employed by Alphabet Transcription Specialists, can accurately provide voice to text documentation that can be used in evidence. Nobody will know, except you, because Alphabet puts confidentiality first and only uses secure means to deliver transcripts.

Taking action to protect your business should be an immediate priority, to reduce overall losses incurred and protect a company’s reputation. Getting transcripts typed outside of the business should also be a priority.

Data is as Valuable as Goods

The theft of data is on the rise and it is an employer’s legal duty to protect confidential information. Whether it is the theft of email addresses, customer bank details or sensitive information about a company’s product development plans, data theft is always a serious matter.

Large, as well as small, businesses have fallen victim to data theft. A high percentage of perpetrators are employees leaving the company, and this is where CCTV and other covert means can help detect a theft as soon as possible and limit the damage. Efforts should also be made to protect databases and other information critical to a business.

Examples of Workplace Theft from Employers

You can help deter a thief by always having double signatures on cheques, installing cameras above tills and by regularly inspecting audits and inventories. But, sometimes, a thief can be so determined that he or she will steal regardless of the preventative measures in place.

Cash intended for a till and goods are the top two most common examples of employee theft, along with fiddling of expenses, lying about hours worked and, increasingly, the theft of data.

Protect Yourself

Always double-check who is submitting invoices to your business and be wary of a till operator who ‘voids’ a higher than average number of transactions.

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