Transcribing your YouTube videos: a valuable asset

Creating videos for YouTube is a valuable promotional tool. Millions of people visit YouTube every day and video is a great way of reaching clients who might otherwise pass you by. However, as great as video is for marketing purposes, not everyone wants to watch a video multiple times in order to digest the content thoroughly. This is especially the case with interviews and tutorials.

We’ve all been there. You have bookmarked a useful video tutorial that tells you how to use a particular product or carry out an essential task. Then, when you sit down to watch the video, your internet connection decides to go all lumpy and the video keeps buffering for extended periods of time. It is really annoying, but at this point there is not much you can do. So imagine how useful it would be if your clients could download a text file of the video.

Text and Video: the Perfect Combination:

Text and video are a very powerful combination, especially when you are trying to get some useful points across in a longer video presentation. Clients who want to take away the key points from a video presentation will really benefit from a text transcription file. They can print it off or forward it to a friend if applicable, but either way, you will be providing an extra service and potentially gaining a new client.

DIY Transcription using YouTube Tools:

YouTube offers a cheap and cheerful transcription service for its video files, but this has many limitations. If you click the transcription button on any YouTube video and wait anywhere between two and 30 minutes (depending on how long the video is), YouTube provides text captions. This enables viewers to ‘read’ the video, which some may find useful. However, don’t expect YouTube text captions to be very accurate or even readable. So if you have an important message to put across, obtaining an accurate transcription of your video’s audio is a much better idea.

Keeping Clients Happy is the Name of the Game:

The best way to keep your clients happy is to have your video files professionally transcribed. Accurate transcriptions are far more useful than a piece of text that bears little resemblance to the audio in the video. This is especially the case if there are any difficult words, phrases and acronyms or there is a lot of background noise to work around.

Professional transcriptionists are trained to cope with less than perfect audio files, so the end result will be extremely accurate and a far better advertisement for your business than a poorly executed file of gibberish.

Alphabet is experienced at handling all types of transcription, including audio from video files. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business reach new clients.