National Security Needs to be a Top Priority

Counter-terrorism is high on the agenda as the UK reaches out to collaborate with allies in a bid to tackle extremism. In the wake of terror attacks in London and Manchester, the Government has announced plans to join forces with France in a new initiative to combat online threats. Meanwhile, the role of public and private sector organisations in national security has never been greater.

More onus is being put on corporations to act responsibly to stop the spread of radicalisation and to protect sensitive data. Social media companies, public transport providers, event organisers and many others across multiple sectors are being asked to play their part in keeping the public safe. One of the ways in which corporations and public bodies are tightening security is by engaging professional transcription services.

Some Things Can’t be Trusted to the Gig Economy

Sensitive information, particularly recorded data that requires documenting, should only ever be entrusted to experts who use encrypted delivery. Hiring unchecked freelancers from platforms synonymous with the gig economy is a real risk. They could be anyone, from anywhere, and their IT equipment is unlikely to have the required level of safety features to keep hackers at bay. In fact, even in-house transcription services can carry risks.

Professionals like Alphabet Transcription Specialists are trusted to deliver the highest standard of work in the most secure format.

No Safe Space

The joint initiative between the UK and France, announced on June 13, is likely to lead to new legal liabilities for corporations. While moderation of internet platforms will be high on the agenda, every business will be expected to play its part in national security. The aim is to ensure the worldwide web is not a safe place for terrorists.

Meanwhile, together with President Macron, Prime Minister Theresa May is poised to press businesses to urgently launch an industry-led forum, agreed at the G7 summit in May. Its aim will be to develop shared technical and policy solutions to tackle terrorist content on the internet. Professional transcription companies will be vital to protect information recorded at subsequent meetings.

Giving Businesses Food for Thought

Any business that allows comments to be posted on its platform is likely to have to think again about the way it moderates and removes potentially harmful content. Secure transcriptions of new guidelines or meetings about security will be a must – to stop terrorists from gaining the heads-up.

Mrs May said, “The UK and France will work together to encourage corporations to do more and abide by their social responsibility to step up their efforts to remove harmful content from their networks.”

She went on to say that she is exploring the possibility of imposing penalties on tech companies which fail to remove ‘unacceptable’ content.

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