Serious Fraud Transcription Outsourcing

Professionals working in the area of serious fraud gather facts and present the evidence.  Part of the process is to carry out interviews of witnesses during the course of an investigation.  But how do you find the right transcription company to transcribe your highly confidential material?

You Have Discovered the Experts

We all know that outsourcing is a very cost-effective solution to any business.  But when it comes to the area of serious fraud, finding a competent provider is not easy.  Your cases could involve anything from the investigation of Government officials to the NHS, or prominent global organisations.  You need to be assured that whomever you choose has the experience and skills to work in this area of transcription.

Ask the Right Questions

We advise a telephone consultation as a first important step when making contact.  It is vital to gain some knowledge about the types of cases the transcription provider has worked on.  Whilst they obviously cannot provide in-depth details, you should be able to ascertain their level of integrity and judge whether you think they know what is involved in such cases.

Covert Operations

Your cases could involve covert operations.  You need to be sure that recordings that have been obtained under these circumstances will be dealt with appropriately.  The transcription company will require certain information to produce the transcripts to a legally accepted standard.  When speaking to the company, do you get a real sense that they possess the knowledge of what is involved in this type of transcription?

Lastly, you need to feel confident that the transcripts you receive can be used to build your legal case.  After all, if they are not fit for purpose, you have wasted valuable resources, but in a worse case scenario, could also jeopardise your serious fraud case.

If you would like to discuss your serious fraud transcription requirements, please do give us a call on +44 (0) 1707 260027.  It could be the best decision you have made.