A Fraudster At Work – Stamp Down Hard

A Fraudster come in many guises, but most have similar traits. These can help HR professionals and business owners identify potential crooks and detect frauds before they have a serious impact on an enterprise.

Alphabet Transcription Specialists, one of the UK’s leading professional audio transcription services for fraud investigators, has put together a checklist to help businesses identify the red flags that should be warning signs for fraud.

Personality Types

People who commit fraud in the workplace are often considered beyond reproach because of their dedication. They rarely, if ever, take holidays, arrive early and work late. Sometimes restless, they won’t like anyone reviewing their work, and they will outperform co-workers at every turn.

Fraudsters can be domineering and controlling, but most often come across as very trustworthy. That is why fraud can take a long time to detect, leaving businesses open to long-term abuse. Many fraudsters form close relationships with customers or vendors, making them seemingly valuable assets.

However, staff who are reluctant to leave their desks, or who display drastic personality changes, should be treated with suspicion.

Common Drivers of Fraud

Pressure, at home and at work, can tempt people to commit fraud. There are those who will cook the books or steal goods to fund lavish lifestyles, purely out of greed. But there are many factors which can lead an otherwise exemplary employee to commit fraud and living beyond their means is only one of them.

Sometimes a fraudster will be living with a medical condition or caring for someone, such as a spouse. They may have recently gone through a divorce, have a serious gambling problem or merely feel the pressure in ‘keeping up with the Joneses’. In other cases, they could be in debt, facing civil or criminal proceedings or hiding a secret drug addiction.

Warning Signs

Always be suspicious if an employee suddenly starts bragging about new purchases or is seen carrying large amounts of cash. Likewise, be on your guard if an employee turns down the offer of a promotion, mentions financial problems or becomes unreasonably distressed when questioned.

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