Intelligent Verbatim is a misnomer

Over the years, we have seen ‘business jargon’ in the transcription industry change and new terminologies emerge.

There is a strong debate over the use of ‘intelligent verbatim’ in transcription and here at Alphabet we do not produce ‘intelligent verbatim’ transcripts.  We shall explain why.

Obviously all transcription providers have the right to choose what they call their transcription styles, but when analysing the meaning of ‘intelligent verbatim’ in the true sense, it is illogical.

Knowledge is Key:

In the transcription industry, ‘intelligent’ means tidying up a transcript.  How each company determines this is often down to their discretion.  Step back for a moment and if you understand the true meaning of ‘verbatim’ it means word for word, or using exactly the same words, therefore ‘intelligent verbatim’ is a misnomer.

Tidying up a transcript can often lead to important bits of information being missed.  Clients use their transcripts for all sorts of weird and wonderful things, so omitting parts or segments of a recording can change the whole meaning of a discussion.  Many audio typists are not qualified to become transcriptionists.  Typing at a speed of 90 words per minute is only one skill we require when employing transcriptionists at Alphabet.

You should not change the way a speaker speaks because transcription is not the same as audio typing.  There is often confusion in the definition of transcription.  A competent transcriptionist will produce a transcript that is an actual account of what has been recorded.  Do not confuse ‘dictation’ with ‘transcription’.  A common mistake.

At Alphabet we only use two styles of transcription: intelligent or verbatim; there is a vast difference.

Next time you hear the words ‘intelligent verbatim’ smile to yourself as you now know better!

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