It’s time to discover the power of the written word and the spoken word

In the world of academia, there is a host of related material, which, when professionally transcribed, adds value to the academic process for both students and faculty alike.

Among this material which is commonly transcribed are class lectures, research studies and source data, course videos, faculty meetings, seminars, and many others.

Added value of academic transcriptions

Academic institutions and other course providers are now finding added value from the transcription of such material as part of their online offerings. In some cases, repurposing material which was only seen in a live lecture previously. This is of enormous benefit to both academic institutions and the students they serve. Through the internet a student anywhere in the world can now obtain access to educational material from top institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale, something unthinkable not that long ago. This trend is bound to continue. It offers incredibly inspirational and beneficial opportunities for all parties interested in such projects.

Apart from the obvious academic material, transcription is also used in a variety of support areas such as focus groups, speeches, and seminars; complementing the now widespread use of audio and video recording of much academic work.

Greater accessibility and flexibility of academic material

It’s not only the educational institutions that are driving this change. Students are realising the benefit of having access to professionally transcribed lecture notes and other academic material. It maximises the resources available, allowing them to contemplate and digest information in a different manner than simply listening to a podcast or watching a video of a lecture. A transcript can be a valuable aid in their learning and individual research activities.

It could be said, in today’s ever more globalised academic world, that there is a bigger demand for academic transcription than ever. The ability to download transcribed data in PDF format is also of great benefit to those students who are non-native speakers of English, helping to clarify and deepen their understanding not only of the academic issues, but of the English language also. And in the case of students who may be hearing impaired, transcriptions of lectures and other academic material can be a key learning aid to accompany audio or video-based course material.

Alphabet and academic transcriptions

Clearly, most educational institutions have multiple faculties offering a wide range of courses, each with their own material. This presents the challenge of developing high-quality, accurately transcribed versions of this material, if they wish to make optimal use of it. This is where professional academic transcription service providers such as Alphabet come to the fore.

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