Once in a lifetime: a fashion icon’s life story

As part of our transcription services we regularly undertake work for authors and publishers. It is an honour to be able to be part of these projects and the knowledge that we contribute to allowing the world to have access to these works is hugely rewarding. It is work that our professional team of transcribers really enjoy taking part in too.

We give you Dame Vivienne Westwood:

We have very recently undertaken some transcription work for a biography based on the life of the wonderful Dame Vivienne Westwood. This is an authorised biography written by the author and actor Ian Kelly. The work is in joint collaboration with Dame Vivienne and has recently been published. We are proud to have been able to provide accurate transcriptions for this book, allowing it to be published and giving those that read it a rare insight into a fashion icon of our times. This gives you an idea of how important it is to writers and authors that a good transcription service is provided.

Providing support where it is needed:

Many authors and publishers find that having a good working relationship with a quality transcription service makes all the difference to the speed at which they can publish. It allows them to get on with planning and writing their works, without having to worry about getting it all down onto paper. Sometimes thoughts flow faster than the hand can keep up, which is why audio recordings are often so much better. Taking away the painstaking job of transcribing all of that hard work is something that is much appreciated by many writers and publishers alike. As a transcription service it is work that is hugely enjoyable for us and something that we love to be involved with.

Confidentiality and speed is the key:

Having experience of working with publishers at a high level, we know that it is important that deadlines are met. This is why each piece of work is given to an experienced transcriber who will efficiently and accurately put words to paper, conducting all relevant research, as necessary. This leaves more time at a publishing house for the important work of promotion and publishing. Being able to rely on the contents of a transcription being kept confidential is also something that we know and understand to be a key factor for writers and publishers; nobody wants a spoiler after all. We pride ourselves on providing a quality, efficient and secure service to all of our clients.

Dame Vivienne Westwood’s biography is certainly a book that is going to have pride of place on our bookshelves for many years to come.

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