Transcribing webinars is the secret weapon for generating engaging content which can be used as blog articles on your website

It is a known fact that search engines value websites that regularly produce fresh and unique content; therefore transcribing webinars and publishing the content as blog posts is great for SEO. In this article we will explain how transcription can convert your webinars into valuable blog articles.

Get more for your investment by repurposing the content from your webinar and using it to create blog articles.

What is a webinar?:

Webinars are online seminars that cover a wide range of topics. They are delivered by experts from a wide range of industries and cover everything from marketing ideas to product demonstrations and reviews. A typical hour long seminar usually features ten thousand spoken words. That is ten thousand spoken words you could repurpose and use as valuable content for your blog.

Transcribing webinars:

Whilst it is possible to transcribe webinars yourself, it is a much better idea to send them to a professional transcription company. A proficient transcriptionist will be able to perform the task much more quickly and accurately. You will also find that it is much more cost effective to outsource the webinar transcription to a professional transcriptionist, once you have factored in the time it would take you to do it yourself.

Breaking down the content:

Whilst having ten thousand or so words of content is fantastic, you don’t want to include it all in one blog post. It is unlikely that people are going to want to read an article that long! Instead, break it down into small sections to use in a series of posts. You could either cover a different topic included in the webinar in each article and then write a summary post, or divide it by speakers.

Diversifying content:

Once you have had your webinar transcribed, you may want to think of ways you can diversify the way you present the content. Although using the content as it is will do the job, you may want to also think about creating infographics and slideshows. Basically you want to create the most interesting and engaging content possible, so that you stand a better chance of users sharing it with their peers. The more your content is shared, the more social signals you will receive, which count towards how search engines like Google rank your site in their search results.

A better investment:

A lot of time, money and effort goes into creating a webinar, so it makes sense that you would want to extend its shelf life for as long as possible. Transforming the content from your webinar into a series of blog posts is a great way to make your time and money investments more worthwhile. Whilst providing a reminder of the topics discussed in your webinar to those that took part in it, you can also potentially attract a new audience, who were unable to attend the session for one reason or another.


Having your webinars transcribed is a fantastic way to generate new content for your blog posts. It will provide you with high quality content for a number of articles, spreading over days, weeks or even months, saving you a lot of time and effort. Transcribing your webinars and transforming them into blog articles will also ensure that your blog is constantly updated with fresh, unique and engaging content which is good for SEO. If you are looking for a way to get a better return on the investment you put into creating a webinar, transcribing is the way to go.