Corrupt Officials: Prisons, Sport and Political Parties Among Most Vulnerable Sectors

Whilst corrupt officials are not thought to be widespread in the UK, some sectors, including public bodies and key institutions, have vulnerabilities that make abuse of power for gain a real threat.

Not all corruption is actually illegal, as Transparency International points out in its report ‘Corruption in the UK’, it is usually unethical. What’s more, because many of those who fall victim to corruption form part of marginalised groups, any wrongdoing may go undetected for years or even never be detected.

Confidence in Authority

Where an official is suspected of being involved in corruption, it is important that the matter is thoroughly investigated as soon as possible to give the public confidence in authority and to prevent further crimes from being committed.

Transparency International points to phone hacking in cricket and lingering question marks over political party funding as key indicators to the existence of corruption and the need to address it.

Investigations Must Be Covert

Investigations into the activities of suspected corrupt officials, whether they are public servants or key figures in institutions, should always be coherent and covert. Therefore, any recorded evidence should never be transcribed ‘in-house’. To ensure every aspect of an initial investigation is completely confidential, voice to text documentation should be prepared by expert transcribers using the latest security measures.

Alphabet Transcription Specialists provides an accurate, fast and completely secure service, developed to meet the needs of delicate and complex investigations. Secrecy is paramount to ensure corrupt officials cannot cover their tracks and evade justice.

Examples of Corrupt Officials

A corrupt bank official was jailed for six years in June after he pocketed more than £2 million in bribes for approving large loans.

At the start of 2017, a corrupt NHS official was jailed for three years after he accepted £80,000 in bribes to award lucrative IT contracts. The man who paid him the bribes was also jailed – for 14 months.

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