4 Industries That Benefit Most From Transcriptional Services

Transcription services can be an essential component of business across many different industries. From law to corporate, transcription can be one of those tasks that is in constant demand, but never used quite enough to justify taking on a member of the team, full time.

From improving growth and revenue to better efficiency and operations, transcription services help a business scale in many different ways. From PR events and conferences to healthcare professionals, journalists and professors – many different fields use transcription services as a tool that can ease their workload.

At Alphabet, our vast experience in transcription has allowed us to work with many different and diverse industries. That said, we have put together a list of the top industries and businesses that benefit most from transcriptional services.

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1. The Corporate Sector

Every business in the corporate sector will have procedures and protocols in their operation that will require verbal information needing to be transcribed into the written (or in our case, digital) word. While businesses usually do have a process in place for streamlined and efficient operations, there’s always room for improvement

By investing in professional transcription services like Alphabet Secretarial, every corporate business can improve their efficiency. Whether it is internal meetings or audio files sent from another company, corporate transcription could save your HR team countless hours in administration. 

From board meetings and market research to disciplinary hearings and HR investigations, our transcription services provide accurate transcripts for confidential details. By having a comprehensive compilation of material with high accuracy, streamline your processes and become more organised. 

2. Legal Practices

When it comes to legal matters, there are many important processes at stake; streamlining them is essential for better organisation and productivity. Since lawyers, government officials and legal professionals have their fair share of work to do, relying on legal transcription services can help them get accurate information, quickly, that would otherwise be incredibly tedious and at times difficult. 

Handing over confidential information like audio files of court hearings, interviews, etc. and getting an accurate and easy to read document back in hand makes it easier for you to proceed with your work. Moreover, PACE transcription, witness statements, disciplinary hearings, etc. can be compiled in a legal transcript that can be directly presented in court.

Since we are well-equipped with the necessary industry knowledge, we can provide you with quality results and accurate transcripts, every time.

3. Media and Television

Since media creators and television companies prioritise visibility and expression, having all the required information down to the minutest detail becomes key.

From radio stations and television agencies to podcasts and production companies, having accurate transcription services on your side can help you stay ahead of the competition in a cut-throat industry. 

Since the media is a communications business, creating accurate information such as correct subtitles or providing transcripts for audio files of interviews, press conferences, news stories, etc. can help to streamline and speed up your processes significantly. 

However, since your media company passes on information to a larger audience through programmes, live sessions, etc., having a professional media and television transcription service is essential for quality and error-free work.

4. Medical and Pharmaceutical

Medical documentation can take up a considerable amount of time and whilst the industry may be huge, devoting a large amount of time to this may not be practical or cost effective.

Healthcare professionals, private practitioners and hospitals have a constant flux of patients. This means that documenting the records like Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO’s) may take away a lot of time that could otherwise be devoted to better care. 

By partnering with a transcription service, you can rest assured that all your medical documentation is done with absolute thoroughness while medical professionals can work on their job.

Moreover, when you consider pharmaceuticals, the research involved in drug trials requires fact-based, meticulous reporting which affects the validity of the research. Here, an experienced medical and pharma transcriptionist, like Alphabet, can help you get authentic data. Since most medical transcriptionists have enough knowledge about the field, they can ensure submission of error-free information that will help you to a great extent.

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For every transcription service, having enough industry knowledge and experience is key in producing quality and error-free transcripts. 

At Alphabet, our experience with different industries has equipped us with all the essential knowledge to provide you with quality transcription services. From conference transcription to academic transcription – we do it all.

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