Market research captured using transcription

It often does not occur to marketing experts that transcription can provide an extra weapon in their artillery. Transcription is a service that many businesses are now utilising. If you look closely, you will notice that there has been a boost in transcription outsourcing as companies are cottoning on to the fact that it is extremely useful to them.

An Accurate Record of Information:

It is important that all of the information from focus groups and interviews is retained in full. Understanding people’s attitudes and reactions to a product or service is often crucial to any company’s marketing strategy. Asking the staff who are running these interviews and focus groups to also be responsible for transcribing the discussions, is not the best use of their time. Having an experienced transcription provider to call on makes much more sense. The researcher can make sure that the pertinent questions are asked and the meeting runs as planned. Whilst the transcription service provider can then put all of that information into a written format for you in a timely and cost-effective manner.

More Focus on the Right Information:

Because your transcription service provides you with the information that you need in a format which is clear and concise, it is easier to bring all of the information and data that you need to make marketing decisions together. The transcripts will be an accurate record of all of the information which you need, saving you time and money. Things like focus groups can be a confused mess if not directed correctly. Being able to focus your energies in the right direction makes everyone’s lives easier and provides you with usable data. It is even possible to use the transcripts to create a database of information that can be cross-referenced for commonly occurring names, places or products.

Efficiency is Cost Effective:

It goes without saying that if something is well-organised then everything else will come easier. Bringing lots of data and information together in one place is no different. Planning your market research project in advance to incorporate the transcription of the interviews and discussions will be a decision that will never be regretted. It will provide an element of control over something that is easy to lose control of. Gathering all the material together to be analysed by experts, in a format which is concise and easily absorbed, will mean that you save your business valuable time and effort.

Do your own research and find out how it will help your marketing strategy to use a transcription service. You will probably be surprised how many companies already take advantage of it.

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