Achieve your Marketing Goals with Transcription Services

Because most businesses rely on a multimedia approach to marketing, it is vitally important to retain consistency throughout a campaign. Consistency is part of what makes a brand, and conveying the same message in different formats is essential to reinforce the overall aim of any marketing initiative – and to protect the integrity of a brand.

With more and more businesses launching innovative marketing campaigns on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, any supporting written material must convey the same message, without losing sight of the goals nor changing the tone or context.

Accuracy is the Be-all and End-all

Whether a campaign is launched in a webinar or pre-recorded video, an accurate transcription of the pitch is essential for follow-up written documentation, the contents of which can be used to generate press releases, brochures, social media posts and other potentially lucrative advertorials.

Relying on notes or memory will never accurately record the tone or detail in the same way as professional transcription.

The Devil is in the Detail

Household names, along with SMEs, are embracing video presentations and webinars in a bid to engage with new audiences from their target markets. Having a professional transcription will accurately record, in writing, what was said, where, to whom and in what tone.

Nothing will be left out and no detail overlooked, making transcription the must-have resource for wider audience reach.

Getting the Priorities Right

A professional transcription of a marketing presentation will help a business highlight the priorities of a campaign. For example:

  • Who is it aimed at?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What makes this campaign unique?

Transcription will emphasise what is important, while documenting every detail to ensure campaigns benefit from the most in-depth supporting material.

Be Consistent

Successful marketing campaigns use the same theme, tone and details to improve ‘stickiness’ – the length of time people remember something. Without consistency, the target market will receive mixed messages and not remember a campaign.

Professional transcription providers, such as Alphabet Transcription Specialists, will keep a marketing campaign on track. They will ensure that the message stays the same. So, whether it’s video transcription you require, a recording of a meeting, presentation or webinar, your points will never got lost in translation.

Audience Engagement

Audiences react to consistent messages. They engage with them and are much more likely to become loyal to a brand if they can identify with what it has got to offer.

Alphabet Transcription Specialists is helping businesses achieve consistency across all platforms by providing accurate transcriptions that convey all the detail and in the right tone.

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