Avoid Ending up in Court

When dealing with contentious issues, it makes sense to have recorded conversations and meetings accurately documented in writing. Why? Because, without a proper written record, it can often be a case of one person’s word against yours.

Notes taken by someone not trained in professional transcription can fail to accurately document important details that could make the difference between a quick resolution and litigation.

Courts Don’t Like Recordings

Accurate transcriptions of events, especially those typed by a professional transcriber, carry much more weight legally than rough notes. In many instances, recordings are not admissible in court, especially civil courts. And, in other instances, covert recordings are made without the knowledge of one or other party.

As any newspaper reporter will tell you, an accurate written record will save your skin time and time again – and keep you out of court. Without them, your version of events is open to scrutiny and misinterpretation. In a ‘no win no fee’ culture, no organisation can afford to chance proceedings.

Protect Yourself

There are many instances where professional transcriptions can save an organisation hundreds of thousands of pounds. They are extremely useful, following situations such as disciplinary hearings. But can also protect you against spurious claims, as well as keep important negotiations on track.

They can record admissions of wrong-doing, any agreements made between parties, prove you did not libel or mistreat someone, convey the demeanour of a person towards you and vice versa.  Plus, a host of other vital information, in a myriad of situations.

Think Ahead

Professional transcripts are especially useful during delicate negotiations where follow-up meetings and/or action is likely. Where an individual or organisation is being compelled to meet certain requirements, an accurate transcription is vital. It is proof of their verbal commitment – something which can be used at a later date, if they fail to comply or use excuses not to comply, such as a ‘he-said, she-said’ diversion.

Burden of Proof

Because the burden of proof lies with the claimant, a professional transcription can prompt early cessation of court threats. ‘No win no fee’ legal firms will not represent someone who cannot prove their version of events. A transcription will be viewed as additional evidence that points to the truth – your truth.

Even if a case does get to court, transcripts can ensure you leave the dock without a stain on your character/organisation. In Australia, transcripts taken from a recorded conversation inside a Brisbane apartment proved a man charged with murder was completely innocent. He had faced life behind bars for a crime he did not commit.

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