Pharmaceuticals Look to Aid Increased Rates of New Drug Approvals

Whether they want a training video transcribed to text for wider distribution or expert witness statements prepared, pharmaceutical companies love transcription services. Transcription experts provide the link between raw data and valuable evidence, as well as increase awareness of company and product developments.

But their biggest value lies in the preparation of all-important documentation used to support applications for the licensing of new drugs. Higher quality applications are leading to record approval rates – something financial experts in the United States claim is set to sky rocket stocks in the health care sector.

‘Attractive Valuation’

The boom in new drugs follows a relatively flat period in 2016, which was dominated by political upheavals in both the US and UK, and commentators are predicting this is the start of a new ‘gravy train’ for pharmaceuticals that invest in high-quality research.

Global players are reporting better than expected results for the first part of 2017, putting in strong performances – even against technology and other growth markets. Some are earning five-star ratings and predict growth is due to higher quality submissions to drug licensing agencies.

Making Raw Data Make Sense

Transcribing voice files to text accurately, quickly and securely is pivotal to the success of any research programme. In fact, transcriptionists such as Alphabet Transcription Specialists are providing pharmaceutical and biotech organisations with the expert services they require from the earliest stages of drug trials through to the approval process.

New drugs that meet high, currently unmet medical needs are the most likely to succeed. When you consider that around 90% of new drugs that make it to human testing never reach the market, it is not hard to see why high-quality transcripts are vital to increase the chances of successful research being recognised.

Only the Best Transcriptions Will Do

Alphabet Transcription Specialists’ expert knowledge of ever-changing medical and research terminology means their work is often at the forefront of new breakthroughs in medical science.

As well as providing voice to text documentation from the design stage of a trial, it meets the needs of every segment of the testing process. Current areas of innovation in medical research include advancements in transcatheter aortic heart valves and drugs that lower cholesterol, as well as combination therapy to improve the lung function of cystic fibrosis patients.

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