Does Your Brand Say Good Things About Your Business?

As every good organisation knows, a brand is a lot more than a logo. It sums up everything about a business – from the products and services it supplies to its ethos, customer service and social validation. A good brand is a valuable asset and one which should be protected.

Alphabet Transcription Specialists is helping brands ring fence the reputations they have worked hard to achieve. As well as providing accurate written documentation of recorded meetings, presentations, training, webinars and conferences, Alphabet is ensuring standards are not eroded or damaged by poor or inaccurate communication.

Use Transcription to Stay Ahead

How businesses and organisations interact with customers and new markets, as well as implement new industry-related regulations, is changing all the time. This requires frequent policy reviews and discussions about how new guidelines will be executed. The key to effectively managing and maintaining high standards is a uniform approach to everything – something that can be achieved through professional transcription.

Standards applied in one area of the business must be reflected in all others. For example, the content and tone of social media posts should be consistent with the rest of the business. Professional transcribers like Alphabet Transcription Specialists can help a business get it right first time, without risking the integrity of their brand, by perfectly transcribing guidelines that have been agreed.

Let Transcription Guide Your People

Transcriptions provide a solid basis for the communication of new guidelines to staff as well as reinforcing any training. They contain the detail often missed out by notetakers and ensure the main points are emphasised. What’s more, staff can sign to say they have received their copy of the documentation and that they have read and understood it.

Accurate information can help your staff protect a brand against counterfeiters, competitors, copyright theft and trademark issues as well as adhere to health and safety guidelines. It will ensure your brand is defended, today and tomorrow.

Use Transcription to Update Rules

Sometimes, events beyond the control of any organisation can force the implementation of new rules – often at the drop of a hat. Inevitably, discussions will have to take place where any changes will be a agreed. For example, in the run-up to the General Election on June 8, many businesses updated their policies to include bans on political campaigning at work and the wearing of political symbols for those in customer facing roles.

Alphabet Transcription Specialists can help you keep your people informed and engaged, accurately and quickly. To find out more, get in touch today by telephoning +44 (0) 1707 260027.