Transcription Services Save Millions

Prolonged austerity, which played a crucial role in the recent shock General Election result, has severely restricted the spending power of public bodies, especially local authorities. For more than six years, central Government has been putting a squeeze on council budgets, while limiting the authorities’ ability to significantly increase council tax bills.

Budgets Cut by a Fifth

As annual settlements to councils have shrunk, spending has been cut by a fifth since 2010 – double the rate of cuts to other areas of the public sector. This has placed vital services under extreme pressure and left the most vulnerable in society wanting. In order to maintain basic amenities, local authorities, which are responsible for schools, social services, roads, street lighting, refuse collection and recycling, are increasingly looking to outsource specialist services in a bid to save money and free up cash to meet communities’ most pressing needs.

Why Transcription Services?

One of the services increasingly outsourced is transcription. A highly specialised area, audio transcription services are used to accurately document recorded meetings, hearings, conferences, webinars and many other scenarios.

Using in-house transcription services is costly, time-consuming, less secure and often not as accurate as those offered by transcription specialists.

The Benefits of Professional Transcription

Specialist transcription services offer a ‘right first time solution’, delivered quickly in a secure, encrypted portal – at a fraction of the cost of in-house solutions.

Ideal for legal, marketing and proper record-keeping purposes, transcription services play a vital role in maintaining transparency and accuracy, as well as limiting the effects of litigation.

How Transcription Services Can Help Local Authorities

Local authorities are using expert transcription services to provide thoroughly accurate accounts of disciplinary hearings, public inquiries, evidence-based presentations, conferences, safeguarding issues, bidding processes and policy guidelines – all at a much lower cost than hiring in-house experts.

As well as keeping wage bills down, transcription services limit errors, utility, IT and training costs, not to mention employers’ National Insurance contributions, sick pay, holiday pay and many other hidden costs associated with employing experts. They also provide a springboard for non-contentious issues, offering engaging content that can be used to inform and enthuse the electorate.


If you want to spend more money on services that meet the aspirations of the communities your local authority serves, consider outsourcing transcription services.

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