Forensic science transcription, the obvious choice

Forensic scientists work in many different departments and their services are usually called upon during the course of criminal investigations. Expert reports are generally made during the course of an investigation, criminal or otherwise. Source material for the reports is often made available in different formats, including audio or video files, and therefore forensic transcription services are essential.

Transcription of Forensic Science Reports:

One area where transcription services are invaluable is in the case of audio. Audio files recorded by forensic pathologists and other experts will have to be transcribed before the information can be disseminated to staff working in different departments, or solicitors and legal professionals working on the case. Given the often highly sensitive nature of the information transcribed, the transcription work needs to be done by a consummate professional. Transcriptionists engaged in this type of transcription possess a high level of competence and integrity. The transcribed reports may be used in a court of law at some point and therefore the information contained therein has to be accurate.

The Role of Forensic Transcription in the Courtroom:

Evidence used in criminal trials may often take the form of audio recordings made using hidden listening devices and without the knowledge of those present at the time. This type of digital evidence can be invaluable in securing a criminal conviction, but due to the covert nature of the original recording, it is often difficult for members of the jury to hear what is being said due to indistinct voices and background noise. In this instance, a written transcription of the exchange will be invaluable.

The Importance of Accuracy in Court Transcriptions:

It should go without saying that transcriptions made of audio evidence need to be accurate when they are being called upon in a criminal trial. For this reason, a forensic audio expert would normally evaluate transcriptions made for court purposes.

It isn’t all CSI:

Thanks to the proliferation of popular TV programmes and blockbuster movies featuring glamorous detectives, most people associate the field of forensic science with criminal investigations. However, the field of forensic science covers a far wider area and although CSI-type investigations do fall into the sphere of forensic science, the same science and technology skills used by criminal investigation teams are also used in other areas of the law.

The Role of Transcription Services in Solving Disputes:

Forensic science can be used to help resolve many different types of disputes, including medical negligence and insurance claims, product liability and paternity disputes. Transcription services are used in many of these cases, specifically when audio recordings need to be translated into written documents for use in a court of law.

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