Transcribers on a global scale using Twitter

Twitter is everyone’s favourite micro blogging platform. People from all walks of life use Twitter: celebrities, royalty, and the normal person on the street. It is addictive, infuriating, and at times incredibly useful (after all, how else would you find out what your favourite celebrity is having for dinner?).

Sadly, much of the content on Twitter is instantly forgettable. People post all kinds of banalities on their Twitter feed, ranging from what they are watching on TV to what the weather is doing. It’s hardly interesting a lot of the time. But in some respects it could be argued that a Twitter feed is no different to a text file produced by a transcription company.

Recording Random Musings:

Transcriptionists spend their working day transcribing conversations from audio files and turning them into text. Twitter is essentially a gigantic text file created by billions of different users. Instead of transcribing conversations from a digital recording, Twitter users transcribe the random musings from inside their brain, which could be likened to audio files running in a continuous loop on a computer hard drive.

The Meaning of Life in 140 Characters:

What sets Twitter apart from other blogging platforms is that you are limited to what you can write. In a normal blog, you can pretty much say whatever you like. In fact, you could write hundreds of pages of text if you were so inclined. Twitter is very different in this respect. All ‘Tweets’ are limited to a maximum of 140 characters, which is not very much when you have a lot to say!

Files given to us by clients are always a lot longer than that. We are used to working with many hours’ worth of conversation, discussion and speeches. An ordinary person would take forever to transcribe this amount of speech, but for us it is a relatively seamless process. Although not always an easy one if the audio quality is poor or there are different accents and dialects to decipher.

A Never-Ending Conversational Journey:

The chatter never stops on Twitter. Conversations begun on one part of the planet can quite easily keep going indefinitely as more and more people join in. It truly is a global conversation, even if the vast majority of the time the chitchat is jibber jabber.

Transcription providers transcribe conversations between two or more people. This could be one person addressing a room full of people (a keynote speaker for example) and the subsequent discussion, or several people talking (sometimes all at once) in a board meeting. However, unlike a Twitter conversation, the talking does not go on and on, which for us is a relief. We would be there for years and for you is a relief as it would be an expensive exercise.

So as you can see, in some respects Twitter is an exercise in transcription. For more information about the different types of transcription services offered by Alphabet, please contact us today.