Variety in the workplace is an added bonus

In any business sector it is human nature to enjoy variety when going about our daily duties.  For those of us who work in the transcription industry we certainly encounter variety in our working day.  It goes without saying that whatever role we choose in our professional career, there are mundane aspects that any individual will have to endure, but dealing with diverse recordings definitely keeps us on our toes.

Keeping us on our toes:

Our minds are often stimulated by discussions that contain topics that aren’t even common knowledge.  We will often hear material that will be in the developmental stages and suddenly, a few years down the line, will be headline news.  Being privy to such information, which can often be scandalous, sets the mind racing and feeds the appetite for more knowledge, especially if it’s splashed all over the internet.  We feel privileged when our clients entrust us with their highly confidential recordings, and transcription is a business sector that has the scope to broaden the mind on a daily basis.

Oftentimes transcription involves hours of research, resulting in meticulous documents that we are proud to deliver to our clients.  Our brains become extremely receptive to new and exciting information, triggering a thirst for knowledge.  Many of our transcribers comment on how interesting and challenging a particular recording has been to transcribe which, in turn, leads to them often searching out more details on a particular subject in their own time.

We all learn at different rates, but having variety in your working day instills an interest.  Transcription can be educational, stimulating, frustrating, heart breaking, thrilling and exciting.  In one word how would you define transcription?

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