Some funny tales from the world of transcription

Ernest Hemingway, famous author and journalist, knew just how important it was to listen. His famous quotes would always point towards the lack of good listeners in the world, and that they are, in fact, a dying breed. Many industries in today’s world have to fight the trend; customer services, social media interaction and feedback all need great listening ears and communication.

Transcription is a service that checkmates all others in the ear department, putting verbal language into the written word. Pay close attention to these tales, and you might just hear something good! Here are some funny tales from the world of transcription.

Caught On Tape:

Taking minutes is a tedious task, and many have realised the potential in the business world of simply recording the sound from their meeting and passing it onto a great transcription service. For one young businessman, his transcription gave him more than he bargained for!

At the beginning of his meeting, he set the recorder up and pushed ‘play’ after preparing for his presentation. He set the mic next to him and his colleagues joined him for his pitch. The meeting was a success, and he was so excited that he picked up his things and went back to his office, forgetting the equipment. As soon as he realised, he dashed back to get it and apologised to his boss who was chatting to another employee after the meeting.

Upon receiving the transcript back he read it through, making sure he had included everything he wanted to in his original plan. At the end of the meeting though, there were a few extra lines that our young businessman had not expected…

His microphone had caught some racy dialogue between a couple of colleagues. It had turned out his boss and the employee weren’t having a friendly chat after all, and he caught their entire flirtatious encounter on tape. Needless to say, he left that part out of his report!

Whose Line is it Anyway?

A teenage girl from the UK fell in love with transcription services when she broke her arm while playing sports. She just recorded all of her homework onto a microphone and brought the written transcript into school once it had been typed up for her. It was a life saver and her grades were steadily improving instead of her temporary injury causing chaos with her coursework!

One day, after her English lesson, her teacher asked her to stay behind to speak about her work. Our protagonist was expecting praise; last week she had handed in a piece of prose that she had written, and was particularly proud of it. “I am not at all impressed,” was her teacher’s opening line. The girl went ash-white as her teacher pointed out a part of her transcript that made no sense at all. A short paragraph half way through was dedicated to insulting and abusing her teachers, the school, and even one of her friends! Those of you with younger siblings should beware; if your little brothers are fans of pranks, then don’t leave your bedroom door unlocked during a bathroom break!

More Than He Bargained For:

Hiring a professional to record for you is a great way to ensure the highest quality for your transcripts. Microphones have excellent sensitivity and power, and can pick up everything with clarity and precision. Unfortunately, during a science experiment, it picked up more than it should have.

A mature student was completing his PhD in biomedical science, and needed a medical transcription service provider while he was documenting his findings. While his test tubes were bubbling away, an expert was sat in protective clothing with his headphones hooked up to the microphone. Everything was going smoothly, until there was an unexpected gas leak in the lab. Much to the embarrassment of our young scientist, the microphone had picked up his breaking wind, and recorded it during the experiment! The recording professional tried to hide his smile, and reassured the red-faced graduate that it wouldn’t appear in the final transcript.


Don’t let these stories fool you; they are only the rare, amusing cases that make it into our funny tales from the world of transcription. Thankfully you can always learn from other’s mistakes, and if nothing else, these tales illustrate that transcription services are always detailed and thorough! Even the best listeners in the industry can’t always know which parts you want leaving in or out. Once you get the final transcript, there might be elements that you should let go, or perhaps next time you could try holding them in…