Discover the benefits of transcribing a conference or event

An Event or Conference Manager will diligently organise these gatherings of people on a regular basis.  Whether a conference is being held for pharmaceutical professionals or corporate governance individuals, capturing a documented account can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Any business sector can benefit from a detailed transcript of an event.
  • A written document enables deaf or hard of hearing colleagues to understand the full context of what has been discussed.
  • Your organisation can upload professionally produced transcripts on your website, therefore reaping the costs towards the hosting.
  • Analyses or in-depth research can be scrutinised and carried out weeks or months after the event.
  • Full company branding and delegate list incorporation can be provided in a professionally produced transcript.
  • Properly digesting the content can be done at leisure, and enable article or content writing.

Documented Content to Hand:

When any delegate has paid a fee to attend an event, there is no better way to enhance their experience than by having everything documented for them to refer to.  Capturing the spoken word in a transcript can be especially useful for anyone who couldn’t attend, and allows participation in follow-up meetings or analyses, etc.

Transcribing a conference or event is not only a sensible option, but it can also be extremely profitable.  Many events companies charge their delegates a fee for an accurate transcript.  Why not capitalise on such a lucrative opportunity.  Another alternative is to incorporate the cost of having the transcript produced into a delegate’s fee.  When spread over several hundred people, it would be a tiny proportion of the cost to attend.  When you consider the amount of manpower that goes into organising one of these gatherings, transcribing a conference is definitely the way forward.

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