Transcription gadgets that make our lives easier

All transcriptionists utilise a ‘must have’ tool, piece of equipment, favourite software, or transcription gadget to assist them when carrying out digital transcription, but if you were allowed to choose only one, what would it be and why?

Whilst writing this article we changed our mind numerous times.  Some common favourites are:

Headphones: we have tried dozens over the years; various brands, price ranges, and our particular favourite at Alphabet is BOSE.  Using superior headphones can make all the difference when trying to capture muffled speakers.

Noise Reduction/Enhancing Software: everyone hears things differently, but an essential, handy tool to boost poor audio quality and assists greatly when dealing with the dreaded ‘tunnel effect’.

Conversion Software: transcriptionists are expected to play all types of sound files and do not always have a variety of transcription software to choose from.  Conversion software is a useful tool, but it does sometimes have drawbacks and can distort recording quality.

Search Engines: how we managed before the internet and search engines were developed is a question we always ask.  It goes without saying, search engines are a transcriptionist’s ‘best friend’. You would require a library with all the research that is required in transcription, and it still wouldn’t be completely adequate.

Office Chair: we wrote an article on how important this piece of equipment is for our postures, but is often overlooked.  As transcriptionists, we spend hours at our desks, and wouldn’t swap ours.

Keyboard: with RSI and other joint and muscle conditions being common in individuals who use a PC for long periods, a keyboard can be an important choice for any hard working transcriptionist.

We all work differently and have to use tools that assist us.  Our transcription software is imperative, but we all need the help of something extra!

You may have a transcription gadget that no one else has come across and you couldn’t produce your transcripts without it.  Share your one ‘must have’ tool with others and help spread the word!

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