How to choose the right transcription company

The transcription industry is an increasingly growing business sector, and how any client distinguishes which companies are reputable, is obviously as long as a piece of string.

Our Insight:

At Alphabet we have closely monitored the industry and set our standards high from our inception in 1995.  This is imperative and what makes us stand out from the crowd.

Many people do not understand that transcription is not office dictation.  We are inundated by secretaries who seem to think that producing general office correspondence makes them a skilled transcriptionist.  This is not the case.

Whilst applicants should be trained to RSA or Pitman standards in audio typing, they also require many skills that we attribute to a professional transcriber or proof reader.  All clients should have this knowledge, along with the other standards that any reputable transcription company should hold.

Deciding on how a transcription company is going to operate is fundamental in producing quality transcripts.  We do not ‘churn’ at Alphabet and all our clients benefit from a full proofing service with each transcript.  This should be a ‘golden’ standard that all companies adhere to, but they don’t.  A transcriptionist is supposed to proof their documents, but we can always tell when they haven’t, hence the proofers correct typos, mishears, inadequate research, not following instructions, and most importantly, they must listen!

Our motto at Alphabet is ‘listen, listen and listen again’.  You would be surprised at how many people do not do that in general every day life, never mind in the transcription industry.

Our Integrity:

Our team have to meet our extremely high standards, and over the years there have been many that haven’t.  We have heard all sorts of excuses, but we are proud of our reputation and the integrity that we have built.  If a transcriber or proofer does not ‘listen’ then their services are no longer utilised.  It’s that simple.  Our clients deserve a professional service, and our team deserve a harmonious environment, where they know exactly how we operate and can work productively.

These observations are a few of the standards that any prospective client should bear in mind when choosing their service provider.  Remember, ‘you get what you pay for’ and if a transcript is not accurate, what use is it to you?

If you would like to discover how Alphabet can assist you or your organisation in the transcription process, please telephone: 01707 260027.