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Transcription is one of those services that not a lot of people are familiar with. Transcriptionists are easily mistaken for audio typists, but they are far more skilled than that and are able to offer a highly unique service to a wide variety of different sectors in the business and corporate world. If used in the right context, transcription of audio files is incredibly powerful. So how can transcription help your business and why should you strive for an accurate service?

Transcription in a Nutshell:

A transcriptionist turns an audio file into a written document. But unlike an audio typist who would typically transcribe office correspondence, a transcriptionist listens to conversations between multiple speakers and accurately records what was said, verbatim if necessary.

A good example of the type of work a transcriptionist might do is take a recording of a keynote speaker at a conference and produce a written account of everything he or she said. This would include any question and answer sessions at the end of the speech. Of course this is just one example – there are literally thousands of scenarios where transcription is essential.

How Can Transcription Help Your Business?

All businesses, large and small, can benefit from the services of a great transcription provider. There are dozens of situations where transcribing audio files is a huge help. Conferences, board meetings, and interviews – transcription providers can make everyone’s life easier by producing accurate records of conversations and discussions. In many instances, it can even save you money.

Imagine you are in the unfortunate position of conducting a disciplinary hearing for an employee. It is in your interest to have an accurate record of the proceedings in the event that the situation escalates and you are dragged to an employment tribunal. If it all comes down to who said what to whom, producing a transcribed account of a previous hearing could make the difference between a ruling in your favour and your business having to pay out a huge sum of money.

Accuracy is Essential:

In the above example, and indeed in all situations where transcription of audio files is required, accuracy is extremely important. Even minor mistakes can have a huge impact on the resultant document. It is therefore essential that only a reputable transcription company be used, particularly if the information being transcribed is confidential.

Alphabet has loads of experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes. We can work with you on any type of transcription project to produce accurate and useful accounts of what has been said. For more information on how we can help your business, please contact us today.