Don’t be caught out when it comes to transcription proof reading

Transcription outsourcing has grown phenomenally over the last five years, and at our inception, in 1995, Alphabet chose to employ transcription proofers from the outset.  This decision has led to our continued success in the transcription industry and why we hear so many comments from clients who have used the services of various transcription providers, only to be dissatisfied with the documents that have been produced.

We Ask the Right Questions:

When any new client first approaches Alphabet we engage in a consultation process.  Many clients are not au fait with the skills and knowledge that a professional transcription company need to possess.  They know they have a recording they want transcribed, but have not considered the many factors that determine the finished article.

We are happy to enlighten and assist our clients.  On many occasions, when clients first approach us, they have already produced their recordings.  We strive to capture everything that is spoken, but often transcriptionists will mishear words, cannot decipher something, or even, on the odd occasion, ‘cheat’ in the transcription process.  This is where our transcription proofers come to the fore.

How We Differ:

Many transcription companies will advertise that transcriptionists will proofread their documents.  That obviously goes without saying, and is a stipulated requirement at Alphabet, but even the most conscientious individuals will produce an odd typo.  Our transcription proofers diligently amend any errors, mishears or inaudibles, and our clients are amazed at our accuracy.

We do not see the point of charging clients extra for proofing the documents we have produced.  It is illogical that anyone would be satisfied with a transcript that is full of errors.  When any transcription company offers a service it is their responsibility to ensure that error free documents are delivered.

Common Pitfalls:

We have heard all sorts of stories over the years about playing recordings on double speed, skimming through documents, and even ‘hoping for the best’, but these three no-nos will spell disaster.  You cannot add an additional cost for transcription proofing, and all companies want to retain their clients, so best practice always wins in the end.

Any reputable transcription provider will incorporate transcription proofing costs into their service.  There is no excuse not to employ transcription proofers.  ‘Churn’ is frowned upon at Alphabet and hence, why we are a market leader in the UK transcription industry.

Share your thoughts on document accuracy and how you strive to attain error free transcripts!

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