Audio Transcription Services

As a UK based leading provider of audio transcription services we utilise our online presence to connect and engage with professionals across a wide range of industries.

A History Worth Celebrating

Not all audio transcription services have been around for as long as ours. We started our journey back in 1995. Since then, Alphabet Transcription Specialists has been at the forefront of audio transcription across the UK and beyond.

Things have changed a lot since our story began more than two decades ago. Back in the early days, digital transcription and instant notifications didn’t exist. It was still the stuff of science fiction. If you are one of the many clients who have been with us since the very beginning, you will remember analogue cassettes. Those clunky things containing reels of tape were often posted or couriered to us. Now you can send us your audio recordings and receive typed transcriptions online. Quickly, easily and securely.

For legal reasons, we still accept work with cassette tapes. This is because we are specialists in the field of transcribing police and local authority interviews. Each of these documents must meet Police and Criminal Evidence Act guidelines. Most of our clients, however, appreciate the convenience of our digital audio transcription services.

With the advent of the digital era came the need for robust online security. We take your security and privacy seriously. That is why all our digital audio transcription services use military grade encryption. Our commitment to confidentiality and security starts from the moment you open an online account. It is packed with security features to keep your data safe.

Proud to be Precise

Accuracy has been our second name for almost a quarter of a century. After all, we are called Alphabet! You won’t have to correct our work, because we make it our business to know yours. We research industries to ensure we stay up-to-date with terminology and use your language as it is spoken. By understanding your business, we deliver the highest quality audio transcription services around.

There is an art to turning the spoken word into the written word. That is why accuracy matters. But being proud of our precision audio transcription services doesn’t mean we are complacent. Far from it. As the UK’s leading audio transcription specialists, our services are evolving all the time. This ensures they meet changing customer requirements and keep pace with new technologies and media formats.

That’s enough about us, for now. Below you will find a brief guide to our services.

UK Audio Transcription Services

Digital Transcription

We recommend our digital audio transcription service if you require accurate documents. The benefit of using this service is that we research your topic, so you and your staff don’t have to. This time-saving element of our service ensures every word, including abbreviations, are correct. We also proof read all transcriptions. This commitment to quality guarantees high standard files.

Our full service digital transcription comes with project management built-in. We accept digital audio files in a huge range of formats, including MP3, WAV and Windows Media to name just a few. Simply open an account, upload your sound file and we will do the rest. With highly skilled, professional transcribers who care about your words, you can trust us to deliver the very best, accurate transcriptions.

You can find out more about our digital transcription services by clicking here.

Corporate Transcription

We work with organisations around the globe to deliver world-class corporate transcriptions. They are often used as investigations, content in promotional, training and other materials. Our accurate transcriptions are much more than a record of the spoken word. Use this service if you want a transcription of any of the following:

• Board meetings
• Disciplinary hearings
• Training
• HR investigations
• Conferences
• Events
• Videoconferencing

Our clients find transcriptions useful for PR and media purposes. So, if you or a member of your team is set to be a keynote speaker at a major event, don’t forget to record it!

Alphabet’s corporate transcription service is used by a wide range of brands. From financial services, the retail sector to multinational pharmaceutical companies, we have cornered niche markets. Household names trust us to deliver quality transcriptions in complete confidence. Whether you want a one-off transcription or the opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with a transcription specialist, we are always here to help. We will take care of all your transcription needs with an expert, professional service.

Further information about our corporate transcription service can be found here.

Legal Transcription

Use this service if you want ‘right first time’ legal transcription that is court-ready. This highly specialised service is favoured by those who require transcriptions of any of the following:

• PACE interviews
• Fraud investigations
• Covert operations
• Forensic science
• Global corporate securities
• Witness statements

We work closely with police forces, local authorities, global institutions and law firms. All our legal transcription services are provided with confidentiality guaranteed.

At Alphabet Transcription Specialists, we understand the complexities of transcribing sensitive audio evidence. That is why all our documentation meets exacting legal standards. You won’t have to faff about copying and pasting our transcriptions into accepted formats. That is because we use templates that meet the requirements of courts, barristers and solicitors.

For this service, accuracy and confidentially are the top priorities. You can find out more about our legal transcription on our website.

Medical and Pharma Transcription

When the outcome of a drugs trial or a person’s life depends on accuracy, you need to be sure your transcriptions are 100% correct. Our precise pharmaceutical transcription is perfect for research institutes and drug companies anywhere in the world. It is used by the NHS, large pharmaceuticals and hospitals, as well as a range of healthcare professionals. Use it for PRO and medicolegal transcriptions, and many other instances when accurate audio transcription is required.

Confidentiality is as important as accuracy to us. That is why we are the preferred supplier of transcription services to public bodies and major corporations. We are also versed in medical terminology, including emerging phrases, abbreviations and acronyms. So, you can trust us to understand and transcribe your audio to perfection.

Want to know more about our medical and pharma transcription service? Click here for more information.

Conference and Event Transcription

How many times have you heard or delivered a great speech and wished you had a written record of it? Perhaps you want to share information with your peers or the press but can’t remember everything that was said. Maybe you think it will make great content for marketing or training materials. Or possibly it contained valuable information that could help you grow your business. With our conference and event transcription service, you won’t forget a single word of an important speech. Our accurate documentation is used for a wide variety of purposes.

Customers value this service for the following:

• Corporate branding
• Agenda cross-referencing
• Delegate list incorporation
• PowerPoint citations

Organisers can keep people talking about their event long after the big day by providing delegates and guests with written copies of keynote speeches. Because we capture the detail of an event, we don’t overlook the fine details. Those reading your transcription will get a real feel for the atmosphere of an occasion as well as what was said.

There are lots more benefits of using our conference and event transcription service. Find out more here.

Media and TV Transcription

We are market leaders when it comes to transcribing audio for the media and television companies. PR agencies, production companies, radio stations and talent management enterprises all use our services. Alphabet Transcription Specialists transcribe the following audio:

• Post-production
• Podcasts
• Webinars
• Radio shows
• Oral history

Our expert transcribers bring recorded audio to life in the written word. They include important details that recreate scenes and emotions. We are passionate about providing accurate, entertaining transcriptions for the hard of hearing. That is why we know how to describe every sound. From a crowd’s reaction to the tone of an actor’s voice, we nail it every time.

‘Takeaway’ sheets of podcasts and webinars are increasingly in demand. Those hungry to fully digest information imparted in these often bite-sized broadcasts now expect to be able to access a written version of what they have listened to. Our transcription service allows you to engage your audience on more than one level. For further information, click here.

Academic Transcription

We get top marks from academics who use our audio transcription service. They prefer our services over others for transcriptions of:

• Research interviews
• Teaching material
• Lectures
• Seminars
• The compilation of manuals and books

Academics also appreciate the value of transcription when producing training guides.

Academic research isn’t something that happens overnight. For many of our clients, it represents a lifetime of work. That is why they rightly need to be able to trust a transcriber. We understand and respect that. Our experts are trusted to transcribe audio of meetings, notes and presentations. Outsourced transcription lightens an academic’s load and offers valuable support. We listen, and we care.

Our transcribers painstakingly research each individual topic before they start a transcription project. With transcriptions accurately supplied on time and with no fuss, you can see why we are the correct choice for academics.

Find out more about our academic transcription service on our website.

Important Elements of our Audio Transcription Services

We Listen

Listening skills are vital to our services at Alphabet Transcription Specialists. That is why all our transcribers are trained to listen. Having this specific skill means we can provide intelligent transcription. If you are wondering what that means, it’s simple. We know what to leave out, without changing the meaning of the final document.

When our transcribers are listening to your audio, they will be attentive, open-minded and relaxed. It is important to us that our transcribers research topics before they listen to a recording. However, they will never be aware beforehand of the specific content of your audio. This is important because it eliminates the potential for unconscious bias and improves the overall quality of their work.

Part of our listening involves picturing not just what is being said, but reactions and other sounds. By recording sighs, applause and even the tone of a voice, a written document offers a more accurate reflection of audio. Capturing content in this way provides a rich, honest and valuable account of audio, if required.

Confidentiality is Everything

Our guarantee to keep your audio content confidential extends to your personal details. Confidentiality is at the root of everything we do. We would not have survived in our field of work for more than 20 years if we didn’t know how to keep our clients’ work completely private. We achieve complete confidentiality in several ways. First and foremost, all our transcribers and proof readers undergo a rigorous screening process. They also sign a contract and non-disclosure agreement that legally binds them not to disclose the nature of the work they undertake for us.

To protect your privacy and confidentiality online, we use a range of sophisticated technologies. They are explained below. Our processes are compliant with the Data Protection Act 2000. They also meet new requirements of GDPR.

Our trustworthy transcription service respects you and your content in perpetuity. Our protocols have been developed to adhere to principles that support confidentiality from start to finish and beyond. We never outsource our work overseas to cheap providers and all our transcribers are natives of the English language.

We Invest in Security

Because most of our interactions and work is carried out online, we have invested in military grade encryption. This type of security is important to us, because we offer clients their folders in our online portal on our website. This is a space where they can upload and receive files, and generally connect with us.

We partner with Citrix, who have invested in a high level of security because it is important to us that our clients feel confident about using our system. Opening an account with us will guarantee your data will benefit from 256-bit level encryption. As well as being secure, it is also extremely efficient.

Whenever you upload a file for us to transcribe, we are instantly notified. At the same time, you will receive an email to confirm your upload has been successful and that we have received your file. We can then assess your work and assign it to an appropriate transcriber.

Proof Reading You Can Trust

At Alphabet Transcription Specialists we support our ‘get it right first time’ approach with robust proof reading. Our proof readers are the best in the business. Each one has a knowledge base geared towards a specific industry or sector. Their up-to-date understanding of disciplines makes them a crucial part of our team. They will have worked as a transcriber and understand our templates and in-house styles.

The outstanding skills of our proof readers complement the listening skills of our transcribers. Together, they produce the most accurate, engaging audio transcriptions on the planet. Individually, they have a thorough understanding of life sciences, the pharmaceutical industry, the legal system, compliance and many other disciplines.

All our proof readers know what excellent grammar looks like. They ensure transcribed files are not just accurate but written in to the highest standards in the English language.

Buying Audio Transcription Services

If you want to use our services, start by opening an account. Contact us here or give us a call on +44 (0) 1707 260027. As soon as we receive your details, we can provide a quote for your proposal.

Once you have an account, you can sign into your space on our system from the Homepage of our website. This is where you can upload and send us your files. We keep you informed at every stage of the transcription process. That means we will tell you when we have received your files and when they have been transcribed.

We only require payment when a transcription is complete from our business clients. After your audio recording has been transcribed, we will send you an invoice. You will receive it online via your email address or your client folder, if you prefer. For ongoing work, we issue invoices on a rolling basis. Unless you have a credit facility, payment is due immediately. We accept payments by a variety of secure means, including BACS and PayPal.

Some Wise Words from Us

Alphabet Transcription Specialists has been around long enough to know how to make a difference. That is why our audio transcription services have evolved. They provide the constants – accurate files that are correctly formatted – in a totally confidential and secure way. There are lots of transcription companies that purport to offer the same, high level of accuracy and security. But who would you trust?

Our reliable audio transcription services have been meeting the needs of regional, national and international organisations for over two decades. The fact that we have retained repeat clients throughout is a testament to our exceptional standards.

In Greek folklore owls, which form the basis of our website theme, are not just seen as wise, they are also considered symbols of good fortune. We think you will find it highly fortunate that you found us. Especially when you discover that owls have also been linked by folklore to imminent success.

A researcher recently left the following feedback: “Alphabet have consistently provided an excellent level of service, from day one. Transcripts have been returned quickly and completed with superb accuracy, regardless of recording length or number of speakers. All communication has been extremely friendly and helpful, and, as with the turnaround for the transcripts, responses to any query are always very quick. I would 100% recommend Alphabet based on their speed, accuracy, and customer service.”

Another testimonial, written by a company director, states: “As a healthcare specialist agency, we rely on accurate transcriptions and often at short notice. We have been working with Alphabet for over three years across multiple projects and they never fail to deliver on time, with excellent accurate and medically correct transcriptions.”

Want to know more about our services? Connect with us and be part of our story today. Telephone +44 (0) 1707 260027.