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Shopping around for a Transcription Services Company?
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    Shopping around for a Transcription Services Company?
    Download our free guide to help you avoid costly mistakes.


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    Trusted by Leading Organisations:


    "I’ve come back to try a second couple of transcripts as the first one we received back was about as near to perfect as you could get. This compared incredibly favourably with another service which sent us back a transcript riddled with the most appalling errors."

    Communications Manager

    "We’ve utilised the services of Alphabet on a number of occasions and have always been impressed with the quality of the transcriptions, the quick turnaround times and the easy uploading process."


    "Chilli Consultancy have been supported by Alphabet’s transcription services since 2016. The efficiency of service is second-to-none. In particular, the system for uploading the audio files securely is smooth and efficient. The turnaround time for transcription has always been quicker than the agreed timeframe. The transcriptions are of very high quality, despite working from audio recordings of people with a wide range of accents from across the world. Chilli Consultancy will continue to use Alphabet for many years to come because of this high level of service."

    HR Business Partner

    “Any time I send a transcription to be done, it is quickly sorted efficiently and accurately. I can always trust them to do a brilliant job.”


    “Great service. Good communication and speedy turnaround of transcription materials.”

    Children's Society
    Evaluation Lead

    “Alphabet have been a highly professional organisation to work with, I would definitely recommend them to other people.”

    Project Manager

    “We have used Alphabet services a number of times, very quick and reliable service. Always get a response to email queries promptly.”

    Uni Cambridge

    "Alphabet have consistently provided an excellent level of service, from day one. Transcripts have been returned quickly and completed with superb accuracy, regardless of recording length or number of speakers. All communication has been extremely friendly and helpful, and, as with the turnaround for the transcripts, responses to any query are always very quick. I would 100% recommend Alphabet based on their speed, accuracy, and customer service."


    “As a healthcare specialist agency, we rely on accurate transcriptions and often at short notice. We have been working with Alphabet for over three years across multiple projects and they never fail to deliver on time, with excellent accurate and medically correct transcriptions.”

    Thurnock Council
    Fraud Investigator

    “We are using Alphabet for all our transcription needs and we are extremely happy with their service. Their transcription is very high quality, leading to a high level of trust and confidence in their work. The team are extremely good with ‘problem’ recordings, such as difficult accents, quiet speech and constant interruptions. All in all we are very happy with Alphabet and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone in this line of work.”

    Uni Reading

    “Transcribing interviews is a time consuming art, which needs a subtle blend of linguistic and technical skills. Alphabet provided a combination of these abilities. They provided a fast turnaround, great quality documents, and a friendly and personal experience. It was like having my own in-house transcribing team. They offered me a clear, refreshing and honest consultative approach to my needs. I would recommend Alphabet to any persons or organisations that require a professional and friendly transcribing service.”

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