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Voltaire had no vision when he said, “The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” Today, science is curing diseases that previously offered patients no hope. Every day, medics save millions of lives. They can only do this because of the pioneering work of pharmaceutical companies and research organisations. Our confidential PRO transcription supports ground-breaking pharmaceutical advancements.

We work with researchers and pharmaceutical companies. Our PRO transcription provides ethical and accurate text documentation. It helps experts keep track of patient reported outcomes (PRO). Our transcription service keep pharmaceutical companies informed. It helps them evaluate the true worth of new drugs. PROs are vital in trials for emerging medicines. They deliver a more rounded picture of how a drug performs.

We transcribe audio recordings of interviews with patients taking part in drug trials. They can take the form of in-depth interviews or verbal responses to a questionnaire. The answers provided in speech can highlight things that cannot be gauged in clinical testing. Our PRO transcription service records verbal data in a transparent, digestible format.

The Importance of PRO Transcription

Minor side effects not indicated in laboratory testing are often detected through PROs. They can indicate the overall effectiveness of a new drug. Importantly, they can highlight potential dangers. Our PRO transcription records the details of a patient’s experience. It gives researchers clarity.

Bringing a new drug to market is time-consuming and costly. The complexities of ever-changing regulations add to the burden placed on pharmaceutical companies. Greater importance is being put on patient trials. That is why researchers use our specialist PRO transcription. It ensures they deliver high quality data to drug companies.

Our transcripts of qualitative patient interviews aid the development of new drugs. They ethically and accurately record the responses a patient has given. This comprehensive approach provides pharmaceuticals with the in-depth information they need to make judgements.

“At Alphabet Transcription Specialists, we understand the importance of transcribing audio files ethically and in confidence.”

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Why Choose Us For Your PRO Transcription?

Our experience of transcribing verbal PRO data spans more than two decades. Our disciplined PRO transcription specialists understand medical terminology. They know the language you will use. This is because they undertake research. It ensures they are familiar with the field of medicine you are working with.

At Alphabet Transcription Specialists, we understand the importance of transcribing audio files ethically and in confidence. Confidentiality is paramount in PRO work. That is why we destroy all files once a project is complete.

Our transcribers are competent and have astute listening skills. They can decipher what a patient is saying. Even if the speaker is having difficulties or becomes emotional. We save our clients’ time by project managing every PRO transcript. That is not all. Alphabet Transcription Specialists guarantee accuracy. We have our own experienced proof readers.

PRO transcription requires the highest levels of data security. We protect our clients’ files and correspondence with military grade technology. Every file sent or received via our online transcription platform is encrypted. We use 256-bit encryption for complete peace of mind.

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It is easy to open an account with us. Simply contact us here or call us on 01707 260027. Tell us about your requirements and we will respond with a quotation. If you decide to proceed, we will set you up an account. We provide you with login details for your secure area in our online portal. Once you have logged in, upload your sound files and leave the rest to us. It is that easy.

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How Do I Start Using Your Transcription Services?

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After we have set up your account, you can log into your private area in our online portal from the homepage. This is where you’ll securely upload and send us your digital audio files for transcription. You can also send any accompanying documentation or presentations.

We will keep you in the loop at every stage of the process. You will receive automatic notifications to let you know your uploads have been successful, and when the audio transcripts are complete and ready to collect.

We only take payment after the transcription of your sound file is complete if you’re a business client. When your audio recording has been transcribed, we will send you an invoice.

You’ll receive it online via your email address or in your client folder, if that’s your preference. For those who require ongoing transcribing or typing work, we issue invoices on a rolling basis. Unless you have a credit facility, payment is due immediately. We accept many forms of secure payment, including BACS and PayPal.

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