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The Benefits of Lecture Transcription

Lecture transcription is increasingly in demand. It is not hard to understand why. Teaching has been orally communicated since time began. Delivering lectures to students in person was the ‘norm’ – up until recently. Now the way people teach and learn has changed.

The internet has opened up new opportunities for learning. Students can study for qualifications from home or work. Text transcripts of recorded lectures are, therefore, a necessity. It helps educational establishments make learning more inclusive. For example, the hearing impaired will always need an accurate, written account of a lecture.

Our lecture transcription service is used by universities, professors and students. It is also valued by researchers and businesses. A clear text record of a lecture offers students and researchers, in particular, a greater understanding of the subject matter. It is easy to search and index and will include all the detail that is easily forgotten.

Having an exact transcription of a lecture enables you to retain data. This is useful for revision purposes, especially if you are studying for exams. Lecturers may want to make a text copy of a talk available to students to help them better digest data.

For comprehensive research and lecture transcription services, the team at Alphabet can help. If you have a recorded lecture or research project that needs to be changed into a reusable transcript for your students, Alphabet’s lecture transcription service is the best way to ensure all vital information is passed on accurately and consistently.

Why Universities Need Lecture Transcription

Having a written record of a lecture is extremely useful to universities. This type of verbal communication nearly always contains information that can be used in other teaching materials. It can be recycled to open up new opportunities, such as distance learning. Lecture transcription is invaluable for students’ revision.

If your university hosts a talk from a visiting expert or celebrity, lecture transcription is a ‘must’. You can use the data in online content, marketing material and for many other purposes. Our transcripts of lectures are commonly shared by email, in forums and on websites.

Professors and academics use our lecture transcription to improve the way they deliver educational talks. By having a written transcript of what they have said, they can identify areas that may need explaining in greater detail to students.

“Our lecture transcription helps those who have missed a talk.”

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The Value of Lecture Transcription to Students

The way people learn is changing. Nowadays, you don’t have to physically attend a university or college to benefit from its teaching. You can sign up for a course online. Whether you are a physical student or a virtual one, you will benefit from lecture transcription.

Taking in everything that is said during a lecture can be hard. As well as having to concentrate for a protracted length of time, words may be muffled by background noise. You may struggle to take notes or miss part of what is said. Having a physical copy of a lecture in writing can make a huge difference to your understanding of a topic.

Our lecture transcription helps those who have missed a talk. It could be that they are ill, working or on holiday. It helps them to stay up-to-date with their studies and ensures they don’t fall behind. Many students hold down paid jobs while studying. This means they have to fit learning around other commitments. Lecture transcription allows them to study when it suits them.

Why Choose Us for Lecture Transcriptions?

We are proud to provide an unrivalled lecture transcription service at Alphabet, ensuring total accuracy when it comes to transcribing lectures. To further our company accuracy ethos, all of the transcripts we complete are double-checked by our specialist proof-readers prior to them being sent back to you.

All recordings submitted are secure and GDPR compliant, so the recordings and submissions ensure the automatic removal of all your recordings and files after 14 days from our online portal.

We have been transcribing lecture audio files for over two decades, and during those years we have developed a reputation for being one of the best companies for doing so in the industry. Our cross-referencing skills are second to none in the transcription industry, and we’re proud of the excellent lecture transcriptions we provide and the attention to detail in each one.

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A word written out of context can alter a person’s understanding of an important topic. So contact us today for our lecture transcription.

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How Do I Start Using Your Transcription Services?

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After we have set up your account, you can log into your private area in our online portal from the homepage. This is where you’ll securely upload and send us your digital audio files for transcription. You can also send any accompanying documentation or presentations.

We will keep you in the loop at every stage of the process. You will receive automatic notifications to let you know your uploads have been successful, and when the audio transcripts are complete and ready to collect.

We only take payment after the transcription of your sound file is complete if you’re a business client. When your audio recording has been transcribed, we will send you an invoice.

You’ll receive it online via your email address or in your client folder, if that’s your preference. For those who require ongoing transcribing or typing work, we issue invoices on a rolling basis. Unless you have a credit facility, payment is due immediately. We accept many forms of secure payment, including BACS and PayPal.

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