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Expert Interview Transcription

Interview transcription is a tool any organisation can use to guard against mistakes. Struggling to wade through hours of recorded interviews? Don’t feel you are getting the full picture? If you can’t hear someone providing their feedback on your market research interview, then you need our expert transcription services.

Full Service Transcription Providers

When you use our dedicated interview transcription service, we provide a ‘full service’. That means, where applicable, we will research a subject to ensure that we are familiar with the terminology likely to be found on the recording. We will also check all our transcriptions for errors – so you don’t have to.

Some of our interview transcription work is undertaken for legal reasons, which is why we offer verbatim transcription. This ensures all utterances are documented and we will also include references to voice pitch, ambient sounds and emotion.

We recommend this if your transcript is for someone who is hearing impaired, as well. We are the UK’s leading provider of interview transcription services. That is because our voice-to-text documentation is exceptionally accurate. And, of course, we are incredibly easy to work with!

Interview Transcription Specialists

If you’re looking for accurate, timely and reliable interview transcription services, you have come to the right place! Alphabet Transcription Specialists can provide you with a complete interview transcription service, supplying you with an easier way to find the information that you require.

Interview transcripts are an important way of identifying and highlighting key moments discussed in an interview. It’s imperative that interview transcripts are correct as they are the source of obtaining important information.

Our expert interview transcription service gives you a 360 degree perspective of an interview and saves you time. We’re here to take the frustration out of reviewing interviews. In fact, we make the information you capture easy to interpret, so you can say ‘goodbye’ to those costly misinterpretations and get a more transparent view of things.

We are proud to serve both public and private organisations. They use our service to analyse information quickly, negating the need to listen to hours of recordings. And it ensures data is absorbed in context and can be quantified.

At Alphabet Transcription Specialists, we understand the legal value of interview transcription. Employers use them to guard against claims of bias and ensure interviews are fair. They are also a vital tool in fighting crime and document information for research purposes.

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Why Invest in Interview Transcription?

Reading a transcript of a recorded interview helps you to digest information more thoroughly, ensuring you don’t misinterpret data or miss something important. Share our easy-to-read interview transcription documents or use them for reference and analyses.

Having a written record of an interview aids the decision-making process and will help you to accurately interpret what a person has said. So if you want to avoid making a poor decision, we would recommend having a transcription of an interview completed to assist you.

Our service provides a resource for follow-up interviews. What’s more, the information can be re-used, which could be useful content for training, legal purposes or research. Keeping a written record of interviews will help you track a subject and will offer you protection in the event of a legal challenge.

Employers find our audio transcription service useful in countering unconscious bias. It is also a useful tool when defending a claim at an employment tribunal.

We work with police authorities across the UK. PACE interview transcription is a staple of our service. Our court-ready documentation also aids local authorities investigating benefit fraud.

“Researchers value our interview transcription as the data can be easily referenced or inserted into other documents.”

Your Transcription Made Easy

If you want an interview transcription that captures every word correctly, contact us. We guarantee the highest standards and have perfected the transcription process for nearly 25 years.

Our full service transcription process includes project management, which means you can securely send your files to Alphabet Transcription Specialists and then we’ll take care of the rest!

Using our services is straightforward. We accept digital audio files in MP3, WAV and Windows Media, along with many other formats. Open an account with us today to find out how you can benefit from your first-class interview transcription service that meets all your needs.

Why Choose Alphabet Transcription Specialists?

We are proud to offer highly accurate transcripts that meet our clients’ needs in a variety of industries and sectors. Our client base varies from solicitors and journalists to pharmaceuticals and lecturers. We provide our clients with a totally different service, and have established ourselves as one of the leading transcription companies in the UK, as a result of our hard work and dedication.


We have a team of highly trained transcriptionists who are skilled in deciphering many accents and dialects.

We don’t just guess your spellings, but fully researched terminology is provided as standard.

We understand the importance of maintaining privacy for interviews, which is why we use 256 bit encryption.

We offer first class customer service. Come and say hello!

We are an award winning company. What more could you want?

How Do I Obtain Interview Transcription From You?

It is easy to open an account with us. Simply contact us here or call us on 01707 260027. Tell us about your requirements and we will respond with a quotation. If you decide to proceed, we will set you up an account. We provide you with login details for your secure area in our online portal. Once you have logged in, upload your sound files and leave the rest to us. It is that easy.

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How Do I Start Using Your Transcription Services?

Fill out our form or call us
on 01707 260027

After we have set up your account, you can log into your private area in our online portal from the homepage. This is where you’ll securely upload and send us your digital audio files for transcription. You can also send any accompanying documentation or presentations.

We will keep you in the loop at every stage of the process. You will receive automatic notifications to let you know your uploads have been successful, and when the audio transcripts are complete and ready to collect.

We only take payment after the transcription of your sound file is complete if you’re a business client. When your audio recording has been transcribed, we will send you an invoice.

You’ll receive it online via your email address or in your client folder, if that’s your preference. For those who require ongoing transcribing or typing work, we issue invoices on a rolling basis. Unless you have a credit facility, payment is due immediately. We accept many forms of secure payment, including BACS and PayPal.

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