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Terms of Business

All work carried out by Alphabet Secretarial Services, trading as Alphabet Transcription Specialists, is subject to the following Terms & Conditions. Please read this information prior to using our services and no variations of these Terms & Conditions shall apply unless confirmed in writing by Alphabet Secretarial Services.

  1. The supply of all services shall be subject to these Terms & Conditions. Any Client must complete and submit online the Service Provider’s Booking Form to ensure their project booking. Any Client who verbally or provides in writing a request for the Service Provider’s services, is also bound by these Terms & Conditions in all instances.
  2. Transcripts shall be provided to the Client by the Service Provider. The Service Provider reserves the right to alter turnaround times and rate quoted due to what is deemed poor quality or difficult quality recordings, unforeseen circumstances, including illness, quantities, clarity and any other issues not within our control. Poor quality or difficult quality recordings will incur additional charges. The Service Provider reserves the right to add additional charges, depending on the extra time taken if the aforementioned arise.
  3. The Client assumes full responsibility for ensuring accuracy of services provided. The Client must inform the Service Provider in writing within 36 hours of receipt of transcripts that errors or omissions have occurred, and it is the Service Provider’s responsibility to rectify free of charge. The Service Provider bears no responsibility for any errors arising in final copies of a completed transcript or any loss, damages, costs, expenses or liability suffered by a Client and arising from a Client’s subsequent use of any documentation produced or the use of any Client material by the Service Provider in the transcription process.
  4. The Service Provider will submit all invoices online to the Client. It is the Client’s responsibility to authorise any said invoices and pass to relevant accounts personnel for payment. The Service Provider’s payment terms are due immediately upon completion unless account facilities have been agreed by the Service Provider. Payment terms for Clients with accounts are strictly 14 days of invoice date, unless agreed otherwise. For private individuals payment of cleared funds is required upfront before the Service Provider will commence the transcription process.
  5. 24-hour turnaround or weekend working will incur an additional 30% on invoice totals.
  6. Late payment of invoices will incur additional charges. Interest will be charged on overdue amounts at a rate of 8% above base rate on the outstanding balance from the date of invoice until full payment has been received. A compensation payment will be charged arising from late payment, under the late payment of commercial debt regulations 1998.
  7. A surcharge of £25.00 +VAT will be administered on invoice totals upon each instance for chasing late invoices.
  8. All rates quoted are not including VAT. VAT is added to all invoice totals at the prevailing rate.
  9. Payments are not deemed to have been received until the Service Provider has received cleared funds.
  10. Payments via PayPal incur a 6% surcharge on invoice totals.
  11. Overseas Clients agree to payment in British Pounds Sterling (GBP) and the Service Provider will not bear the cost of conversion rates.
  12. The Client agrees to cancel any given project in a timely fashion. The Service Provider will not accept cancellation of any given project, unless notified in writing by the Client. Any work that has been completed by the Service Provider will be paid for in full by the Client.
  13. The Service Provider shall not be required to print or produce any documentation which the Service Provider considers to be of an illegal or libellous nature. The Client shall indemnify the Service Provider in respect of any loss, costs, damages, including legal fees, expenses or any other claims suffered by the Service Provider and arising out of any libellous or illegal matter contained in any material printed or produced by the Client.
  14. The Service Provider will undertake to keep all information supplied by the Client strictly confidential and not disclose any information to third parties (other than to the Service Provider’s transcribers, proof readers and admin personnel) without the written permission of the Client, unless the Service Provider is requested to do so by a court of competent jurisdiction or by a Government or Regulatory Authority.
  15. All transcribers, proof readers and admin personnel are required to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement. The Service Provider will, on occasions, sign a Client’s confidentiality agreement, if required.
  16. All recordings are fully encrypted when being uploaded to the Service Provider’s web portal. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure copies of all recordings are kept secure at their location, and all recordings are deleted from the Service Provider’s web portal after 14 days. The Service Provider does not accept any liability in the unforeseen event of a third party accessing any Client’s material.
  17. The Service Provider is registered under the Data Protection Act.
  18. The Service Provider has full scanning facilities for viruses and all documents are scanned. The Service Provider will not open unsolicited attachments and emails that are not self-explanatory. It is the Client’s responsibility to scan emails and attachments received from the Service Provider and we will not accept any liability or responsibility for these.
  19. Postage and packing will be charged to the Client in the event Client material has to be returned via the post or courier service. The Service Provider bears no responsibility or liability for any Client material that goes astray in the postal or courier system.
  20. The Client agrees to keep backup copies of all client material and the Service Provider does not offer a storage facility.
  21. The Client will indemnify the Service Provider in full against all losses, costs and expenses, including, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, legal fees, incurred as a result of any claim by any third party that the Service Provider has breached any intellectual property rights or any third party’s rights in confidential information in carrying out any of the Client’s instructions in relation to the services.
  22. The Service Provider and Client irrevocably agree that the courts of England have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with these Terms Conditions.