How Alphabet’s UK Transcribers Deal with Difficult PACE Recordings

How Alphabet’s UK Transcribers Deal with Difficult PACE Recordings

Alphabet’s UK Transcribers Are Simply the Best

Because the Police and Criminal Evidence (PACE) Act can encompass so many different areas of the law, the work of Alphabet’s UK transcribers is always varied. Subject matter can range from complicated fraud investigations to benefit cheats and even sexual assault cases. That is why Alphabet’s UK transcribers have the highest skill set possible.

Whatever the subject matter, Alphabet’s UK transcribers can just get on with the transcription and concentrate on exactly what is being said, word-for-word. This is important. Diligence, along with an excellent command of the English language and an ear for the complicated, must take precedence over the individual subject matter of a transcription project.

Impartiality is Everything

One of the things that makes Alphabet’s UK transcribers different from in-house typists is that they are impartial and must remain so at all times. This is especially important for PACE transcription. While transcribing audio, it is a transcriber’s duty to concentrate on producing an accurate account. Feelings of shock, sadness or anger cannot enter the equation. Sometimes cases can be particularly harrowing, but it is all in a day’s work.

Because Alphabet’s UK transcription service documents voice-to-text of multiple speakers, they haven’t got time to be side-lined by the nitty-gritty of the subject matter. They are fast transcribers and, at the same time, have to consider formatting guidelines, the quality of the recording they are transcribing and, of course, most importantly, accuracy.

Regular Breaks

Alphabet’s UK transcribers are advised to take regular breaks away from their headphones and keyboard, to give their ears and eyes a rest. Stretching their legs and getting away from a monitor, at least once an hour, helps to keep concentration levels on an even keel and stop any negative thoughts before they start.

As well as listening, transcribing and formatting, Alphabet’s UK transcribers also have to abide by strict confidentiality rules. We work closely with our clients to produce accurate accounts of PACE recordings.

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