Inquest Hearings Documented Correctly

Since 2013, the law has required all inquest hearings, including preliminary hearings, to be recorded. Digital copies of recordings must be kept for a minimum period of 15 years. In contentious cases, including those where negligence may be a factor in the cause of death, accurate, unbiased transcriptions of Coroner’s Court recordings can provide important evidence for future proceedings.

While the primary aim of an inquest hearing is to determine cause of death, evidence given during hearings can prove vital in both civil and criminal proceedings at a later date. Therefore, it is essential that high quality, independent transcriptions of inquest hearings are available to those seeking to bring action against or defend individuals or organisations.

When are Transcription Services Helpful?

Law firms and prosecutors should always have accurate transcriptions of inquest proceedings to hand when considering allegations such as negligence, corporate manslaughter, death by dangerous driving or any form of criminal or premeditated act.

Why? Because, as Alphabet Transcription Specialists, the UK’s leading transcription experts, explain: “Evidence given at inquests can be used again. Recordings of inquest hearings can be a rich source of information that can make or break future civil or criminal litigation. Such evidence can be useful in bringing a case, as well as defending one.”

Speed up Resolutions with Accurate Documentation

Accurate transcriptions of inquest hearings can speed up the legal process and help keep costs down. For example, organisations alleged to be in breach of health and safety regulations or guilty of negligence are more likely to settle out of court, when faced with a civil action that is backed up by damning evidence extracted from a recording of an inquest hearing. Equally, such organisations may find evidence from inquest hearings that absolve them of any blame.

Transcription services are particularly useful, following protracted inquest hearings or inquests where a jury has been required.

Keep it Impartial

The reason why inquests are recorded is to avoid bias. That is why it is essential that transcriptions should be undertaken by impartial experts who are independent of all parties.

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