UK Transcription with Values

UK Transcription services have flooded the internet over the past decade.  That does not mean to say they all offer a premium service.  Far from it.  Cost-cutting exercises exist in all organisations, but transcription is not a service that should be cut to the bone.

You can’t have everything or can you?

In a fast paced world, where we all want everything instantly, it’s worth bearing in mind that old fashioned values still go a long way.  We know our clients appreciate proper project management, but how do you know if you will receive this with the transcription company you choose.

The answer is very simple.  Choose your UK transcription service based on what is incorporated in the cost and not just solely on price.

Everyone loves a ‘Bargain’, but is it really?

Here at Alphabet we believe it is important to provide clients with enough knowledge to go down the right path.  It’s not a difficult or time-consuming task.  It takes less than a minute.  Surely that is worth your time.  By following these five steadfast rules you will not end up with a ‘Bargain’ that is worthless:

  1. Avoid very low budget per recorded minute rates advertised like the plague. Why?  These companies obviously do not value their transcribers and will be virtually using slave labour.  They cannot pay their transcribers and afford their business overheads and still make a profit.  It is impossible.
  2. All transcription projects require a semblance of research. Whether there is a lot of very challenging technical content or not, transcripts will not be researched correctly.  Again, it’s impossible.  Transcribers will not have the time because they won’t be paid enough.  Simple as that.
  3. Once a transcriber has produced a transcript, who proofreads it and checks for accuracy? The answer is no one.  There just isn’t any margin in the transcription rate for you to receive this important aspect.  So you can guarantee there will be typos, mishears and phonetically spelt words in your documents.  We are sure of that.
  4. Customer service is an important aspect in any business. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a newsagents or a transcription service.  No one likes to deal with inefficient staff or someone who doesn’t have the time to answer queries and solve problems.  They just will be concentrating on churning out document production.
  5. One final point that is worth bearing in mind is to make sure there is a contact telephone number to call if you need it. It is often quicker discussing projects over the telephone than waiting for a response to an email.  After all, working virtually it is nice to know there is still a human element in a virtual world.

Try following these five simple rules that highlight some of the pitfalls in the UK transcription industry when looking for a ‘Bargain’ rate.  There are many more.  But if you want to receive transcripts that are fit for purpose and desire a seamless project management process, Alphabet would be very happy to oblige.  What are you waiting for?  Give us a call today and claim your autumnal discount, where you will definitely receive value for money +44 (0) 1707 260027.