A low carbon footprint is what all organisations should be aiming for

When any smart organisation starts to outsource their transcription projects, the environment will love them due to a low carbon footprint.

A Paperless Office:

Here at Alphabet our printers are nearly obsolete and we’re proud to say we operate a virtually paperless office.  Most of our clients utilise our secure client portal to upload their sound files at the click of a button.  Gone are the days of reams of copy typing and paper shuffling around the office.  All of our Transcription Team work virtually, therefore everything is all communicated electronically and not one scrap of paper is involved.

Our tracking and logging systems are all electronic and we communicate with our clients via telephone or email.  Occasionally a client visit is required.  All our accounting procedures are also electronic, therefore saving the cost of envelopes and postage, and the environment benefits.  There are the odd exceptions where cassettes have to be returned to clients, but the Jiffy bags we use can also be recycled.

Outsourcing is the Way Forward:

Our Team of Transcriptionists are situated across the globe and operate remotely, therefore we have an extremely low carbon footprint.  There is no need to drive to the office, clogging up the roads with cars guzzling petrol.  A small amount of electricity is required to operate PCs, putting our organisation at the forefront of minimal carbon emissions.

We are proud to be Green!  How Green are you?  We should all be conscious of the environment we live and work in.  So why not work smartly and start outsourcing today with Alphabet and benefit from a low carbon footprint.

If you would like to discover how Alphabet can assist you or your organisation in the transcription process, please telephone: 01707 260027.